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We help freelancers with their payment solution.

Being a freelancer is hard work. You're essentially running the whole show on your own, and we're here to help. Wesat offers everything you need to process payments online. From accepting credit cards all the way to writing up contracts and creating automations, we've got you covered.

Our story

Kash, Gifton, and Milad, the co-founders of Wesat, have been working together for many years. Their first venture was a RAW photo-sharing website which they grew to hundreds of thousands of users. Its users included people beginning on their photography journey all the way up to file compression research teams at Google. They have taken all of their expertise gained from their last venture and are now fully committed to Wesat.

The team

Kash Avi

Kash Goudarzi

CEO, Co-founder

Kash received his degree in computer science from the University of Washington. He has worked for small startups all the way up to multi-billion-dollar enterprises. He works on the web development and cloud architecture of Wesat.

Gifton Avi

Gifton Okoronkwo

CTO, Co-founder

Gifton's career includes working on large-scale sites such as 24 Hour Fitness, Goodwill, and the Kentucky Derby. He is experienced in data mining from his time on the Surface team at Microsoft. Gifton leads mobile and machine learning development at Wesat.

Milad Avi

Milad Zolfaghari

CFO, Co-founder

Milad graduated with a degree in Business from the University of Washington. He has nearly a decade of experience working for Philips as a Business Process Expert. Milad overlooks all of the financial aspects of Wesat.

Saam Avi

Saam Amiri


Saam received his degree in computer science from the University of Washington. He has product and leadership experience from nonprofit all the way up to multi-trillion-dollar enterprise. He leads the product strategy and customer experience for Wesat.