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A new way to manage as a private coach

Published on Wednesday, September 23rd 2020 | Updated 2 years ago
Kash GoudarziCEO, Wesat

For about 3,000 years sports have been consistent in our society. From a coaching point of view over time as society advances so do our techniques for improving our athletes. From an athletes, or parents stand point as time moves on the stakes have increased. The slightest chance at the opportunity to attend college for free, or to play in the NBA or compete with USATF entices almost every child growing up at some point. Inevitably some of those athletes will prove worthy enough to step up to a level where they have to consider how seriously they want to take their sport. A lot of times, that includes getting help improving known opportunity points, we are in an age were there is a legitimate need for coaches with understanding of the fundamentals of specialized aspects of sports. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics says that between 2018 and 2028 the market for Coaches and Scouts will be increasing “Much faster than average” at 11%. Self employed workers make up 11% of the occupation total.
Every coach has a system for how they work with their athletes, and in turn handle the exchange of money, wether it’s cash, Apple Pay, Venmo or check there are a lot of options available for getting paid.

As a self employed and high school track and field coach in my past, handling payments can testify towards the easily agreed upon point: money in coaching equates to the majority of pain points found in the profession. There are many things that can go a long way to building healthy relationships with your athletes and their families, we’re going to focus on how to relieve some pressure in that aspect.
On Wesat there are a lot of features available to you for free that can improve the operation of your craft. My favorite is automations! They empower you to get more things done with less work. Scheduling events to happen without you having to look sounds great, but let’s take a look at how that can happen in the real world.
When I spent time coaching, my most variable components of work were the location of our practice, and the time. Finding small amounts of room for efficiencies can be hard, especially when you have to worry about your work as well, so we came up with a nice workflow that you can integrate into your profession! With automations, you can trigger events to happen based on the action of your client. If your client agrees to a contract, or pays a monthly fee you can design Wesat to automatically create tasks, send emails or update projects. For our purposes we’ll focus on the automation of emails, and how we can take advantage of this feature. Creating automations is incredibly easy, you can set a trigger for when your client pays and the action to sending out an email. Here’s where things get fun - hop over to your templates tab in Wesat, and create a new email template and name it (I named mine “Monthly Schedule”).
In that template you can write out a block of text with details about what field and/or facility you’ll be practicing in, and what time you will be expecting your athletes. Smart fields allow the email to be more personal, using information about each client as to call out the athlete by name, for example. Your (almost complete) new workflow for updating your athletes and families on a monthly basis is more ideal because you'll only have to update 1 email every month, and your athletes will get all the information they need, when they need it!

Now that we have our email template we can compose our automation. Select the utilities tab on the left, then automations directly below it, and begin a new automation. Select your trigger (for this tutorial we’ll be selecting the “Invoice Fully Paid” option),
For the Action section, make sure to select “Send Email” and then choose your new email template.
Congratulations! You’ve built a new automation that lets your athletes know when and where to meet you, every month without you having to touch anything.
As a coach it’s your job to instill precise routine within your sport, and here at Wesat we focus those same principals into providing tools that let you extend that precision into the everyday workings of your profession. Good luck and may you and your athletes achieve your goals!