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Top 5 Free Invoice Tools for Small Businesses and Freelancers

Published on Wednesday, September 23rd 2020 | Updated a month ago
Kash GoudarziCEO, Wesat

Starting your own self-employed venture is going to require learning a little bit more about the business aspects of working with clients. One such aspect is going to be invoicing. Invoices are what seals the deal between the work accomplished. As well as the payment necessary to compensate for the amount of work that went into the client-work itself.
Having presentable and easy to understand invoices to give to your clients signal that you are being professional about your business ventures, which will make your clients appreciate you and your work even more.
Finding the right invoicing tool for startups and freelancers can sometimes prove to be a little tricky. Though, the majority will share the same similar essential features. Essential parts like From Who and Whom To, the Date of the invoice, and the date you expect a payment, as well as any other business details that may be crucial for either the client or the service provider.
Here are just some of the best options out there that won't cost you a dime. 


FreshBooks provide a free invoice creation cloud service that is both reliable and professional. You can change up the currency to whatever your requirements are. Furthermore, you can also leave custom term specifications. As well as notes, if necessary. I love that they require you to fill out each field individually. This ensures that we never forget to fill something out, since that can cause headaches down the road.



Wesat's free invoice generator is one of the cleanest and most thorough of them all. It has the option for various currencies and a provides an easy to use template to generate clean invoices. You even have the option to send your invoice directly to your client or download as a PDF, which makes using this tool universal to any small business. The best part about Wesat is that it has loads of integration with other Wesat tools that are free as well. Such as project creation, recurring billing, client management tools, and automation.  


Invoiced makes it very easy for freelancers to create invoices on the go. You can add your own custom logo, specify to who the invoice is for, who it is coming from, set an unlimited number of items within your invoices. As well as leave Notes and custom Terms that you may want to have outlined within the invoice. Custom options include the ability to change currency, and add discounts. After an invoice has been built, you can either send it through e-mail, or download it directly onto your computer.


Paydirt is a simple yet elegant online invoice creator that will not leave you disappointed. Create invoices with item lists that feature a concise work description and details, making sure that your clients and you yourself are always up to date about each invoice sent.