Everything you need to make handling payments easier

There's a lot that goes into charging your customer. From keeping track of the project to emailing back and forth, we have feature to help you along the way until you get paid.

Manage all of your projects

An all-in-one solution for your project management needs. Manage all of your invoices, contracts, calendar events, and more in one place.

Desktop and mobile compatible
  • Track project stage
  • Attach documents
  • One-click-send documents through email
  • Share up to 2GB of files per project
  • Add calendar events for projects
  • Maintain tasks added to projects
  • Get a preview of the next action for each project
  • Send project's Client Portal link with a single click


Create legally-binding contracts to put your and your client's mind at ease. Create beautiful contract templates with Smart Fields that can be used for just about any client. No more having to replace multiple fields by hand -- we'll take care of it for you.

^^^^^^ ^^ ^^^^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^^ Jeff Lowe ^^^^^ ^^ ^^^^^^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^ ^^ ^^ ^^^^ ^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^^^^ ^^^ ^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^ ^^^^ ^^ ^^^^ ^^^^^^ January 23rd, 2021 ^^^ ^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^ ^^^^ ^^ ^^^^^^^^ ^^ ^^ ^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^ ^^^^ ^^ ^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^^^ ^^ ^^^^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^ ^^^^^^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^ ^^ ^^^^^ ^^^ ^^^^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^ ^^ ^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^ $980.50 ^^ ^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^ ^^ ^^ ^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^ ^^^^ ^^ ^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^^^ ^^ ^^^^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^ ^^^^ ^^ ^^^^ ^^^^^^ ^^^ ^^^^ ^^ ^^^^^^^^ March 18th, 2021 ^^^^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^ ^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^^^^ ^^^ ^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^ ^^^^jeff@wesat.io ^^ ^^^^ ^^^^

Client Portal

Empower your client by giving them access to a beautiful Client Portal equipped with file sharing up to 2GB, documents, and project stage.


Build questionnaires by defining the question types: text box, one-line answer, multi select, single select, or date. Send questionnaires with a single click. Build from scratch or start from a template.

Client Management

Manage all of your clients in one place. Keep notes on them, link them to projects, create calendar events, and more. The perfect CRM for your small business.


Build beautiful proposals in just a few clicks. Mark the item type, price, and taxable fields for every field. Send templates to your client in just a click.

  • Custom tax amount
  • Accept / dispute online
  • Save as template to send quickly
  • Add images for each item

Communicate at lightspeed

Build lasting relationships with your clients by communicating with them through email with your own branding. Never miss a message with instant notifications.


Hi Joe! I'm getting married in the Fall and my fiance and I are looking for a wedding photographer. I came across your profile on Yelp and loved your style! What do I need to do to get started?


Hi Brooke! Thanks for reaching out. My Fall schedule is wide open. I have some questions for you before I can give you a proper quote. Would it be okay if I email it to you?


Sure! Feel free to send it to me at brooke@wesat.io


Thanks! Sending it over now.

Never miss a task

Keep all of your tasks at your fingertips. Whether you want to create project tasks or personal ones, you can create tasks anywhere on any device.

Send Joshua his 55 edited photos
Call Carol to learn more about her photo shoot
Meeting with Joe at 3PM
Pick up fixed 6D from Kenmore Camera
Night photo shoot with Mo at 9PM
Follow up with Joe about our meeting

Automate everything

With zero code required, you'll feel like you have superpowers when working with Automations. Automate the boring stuff and let our bots do the boring work while you do your work.

  • 1 Pick a trigger

    Client is created

  • 2 Select an action

    Send email

  • 3 Set the options

    Email template: Welcome email

  • 4 Define the conditions

    if Client has business name