Simple Pricing For Everyone

Our subscription-free model lets you take full advantage of Wesat's features. With our simple pricing model, you only pay when you're actually using the service.

You pay 1% of your transactions with a maximum of $30 in a month.

Our customers love this pricing model because you only pay for what you use. With Wesat, if you just want to try the product out, you don't have to pay a monthly fee.
  • Unlimited clients
  • Unlimited projects
  • Send proposals / quotes
  • Accept payments online
  • Create and send contracts
  • Share 2GB of files per project
  • Expense and payments tracking
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There is a standard 3% fee for every card transaction or 1% fee for bank transfers.

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Pricing FAQ

You pay 1% of your transaction costs, with a maximum of $30 in a month. So, if you made $1000 in January, you'll pay $10. If you made $200,000 in March, you'll only pay $30.

Like all payment processing products, Wesat includes the standard 3% fee for card transactions or 1% fee for bank transfers.

Yes! You can technically use Wesat for free if you aren't handling transactions on it.

Before sending your first invoice, you will be asked to set up your bank information. After getting your first payment, it takes about a week to get your first payout. Subsequent payouts will take 2-3 business days.

Whether it's a recurring payment or a one-time payment, the 1% fee will be applied to the transactions costs. If you have already accrued $30 for that month, that 1% will no longer be applied.

Currently, we offer discounts of customers interested in long-term usage of Wesat. If you're interested in that, please contact us.

You can charge your clients in virtually every currency and you will be paid out in that currency as well.